Why they like the Process Communication Model



Bill Clinton - 42nd President of the United States of America

Taibi Kahler is a genius.  He knows more about personality dynamics than anyone I know in the world. You have been a good friend and helpful advisor. I'll certainly let appropriate people know about your company when I see an opportunity.  I'm sure there are many out there who would benefit from your expertise. 



Bodil Sonesson-Gallon - Vice President Axis Communications

I have participated in several Process Communications seminars that we have organized for our European management team. It has been a very positive experience giving a common language for the (multlingual) group. The knowledge how to communicate with different individuals is essential for marketing and sales people.

What has brought me the most value is how to handle people under stress depending on their personality. It has been useful in many situations. I have also had many funny moments when people have starting to recognize themselves in the personality types of Process and Communications.



Franck Issan, Account manager, Avaya company

In 2005 I attended a Process Communication seminar with Gérard Collignon and I gathered precious advice. In my job, it is essential to maintain extended relationships with our 'Key accounts' and to listen to my contacts in these companies. I know it is frequently said yet it is true, why communication is not taught in schools!

I discovered there attending to people's psychological needs is key to maintaining an extended relationship with my customers and contacts. In practice I have found that with a Thinker base or phase customer I show on my enthusiasm for his competencies and when I have to deal with a bad debtor who seems to have a Persister base or phase I highlight that for me trust is an important value in a relationship.



Hillary Rodham Clinton - 67th United States Secretary of State

The Process Communication Model provides a framework for evaluating the information one wishes to communicate and the best means for doing so with various recipients of that information.



Karine Pottier, in charge of training, Bouygues Telecom

During a Process Communication seminar, I realised something important regarding how to lead my life; and particularly my personal life. I have a Thinker base, with a Rebel phase with Promoter on my third floor. My days had to be loaded! After an exercise on psychological needs I remember that for the first time in my life I realised how l left no room for my family. The weekends were always loaded; twelve activities per day, keeping an eye on the watch in order to not lose any time. On Sundays evening I was quite satisfied; maybe I was the only one. Sartre said "hell is others" well for my family I was hell. No doubt. I had confused my needs with theirs. When I became aware of this, I said to myself "let's stop filling the void". Now I have changed, I am aware of my behaviour and have paid more attention to my family's needs. In the process I noticed that indeed their needs were not mine and  I learned how to be more willing to attend to them. I do not say this was easy...



Terence McGuire, M.D. - Lead Psychiatrist for Manned Space Flight, NASA, 1959-1996

I have known a number of "professional giants" in the fields of behavioural science and medicine, including Nobel Prize winners. But I am most grateful for what I have learned from my continued contact with Taibi Kahler. His Process Therapy Model revolutionizes how we understand, diagnose, and treat people in psychotherapy. His model is extremely valuable for predicting behaviour.



Emmanuelle Château - Process Communication Model Trainer

It all started with a simple question: during my annual review, my manager pointed out that he didn’t know how to motivate me. He simply asked me the question and I then realized I didn’t know how to answer. My job was perfect, I was dedicated to it and achieved great results, but I was indeed increasingly frustrated and dissatisfied for months without knowing exactly why. Things that worked with others, like giving regular and sincere feedback on the quality of my work, just didn’t seem to have any impact on me. Although I was myself an experienced marketing manager, that sounded like a revelation: I had to find an answer and I found it in Process Communication.

M. Kahler’s model has opened much more to me than just understanding better the keys to my motivation and a positive alternative to my frustration and negative behaviors. Its positive ethics helps me focusing my energy on my strengths rather than on my stress, on others’ qualities rather than losing time criticizing (others and… myself !), on the message rather than on the process. My relationships have become much more simple and effective! As a professional trainer today and thanks to my trainees reactions and feedback, I experience on a daily basis the simplicity and amazing relevance of the model. And I know I still have much to discover until I master Process Communication Model depth and subtlety. It has changed my life to an extend that only the future will reveal.



South Africa

PH van Rooyen, Cost Control, Johannesburg

I think it is very beneficial and will recommend anyone to do it (...). I have done a similar course before, but I found that with this specific model, the profile they gave me is extremely accurate and very useful.


Denise Drew, Payroll Manager, Johannesburg

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Apart from a break in routine, I found it mentally stimulating. The facilitators presented in a way that was very engaging with the delegates and got everybody’s participation.
The workshop content encouraged a different way of thinking and helped me learn a lot about my own personality and how I behave in stressful situations.
Very worthwhile and loads of fun.


Reeshina Rameshwar, Finance Department, Johannesburg

It was an excellent seminar, well presented and organized.
It was very interesting and I gained a lot of knowledge, totally enjoyed spending time with my colleagues.





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