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Become certified and use the Process Communication Model®

Being a certified Process Communication Model® professional you show your ambition to excel in your undertakings. To become certified you had to familiarise yourself with the structure and the details of Process Communication Model, you learned to use it at its best in your profession and you are entitled to use the Process Communication Personality Pattern Inventory.



In Europe you can chose one of three certification Processes: 


  1. The 'Train-the-Trainer' training and certification
  2. The Process Communication Model® Coaching Training and Agreement
  3. The Process Communication Model® Recruiter Training and Agreement



Our exclusive Process Communication partners in Europe provide these certifications in Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Romanian and Russian.


You can contact us for schedules and detailed information as well as our partners. Our partners can be reached through their websites in the Process Communication in your Country list at the right. Check out our contact form to contact us. 




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