The Train the Trainer Training and Certification

This seminar is opened to those who wish to teach the Process Communication Model® seminars (no pre-requisite)


The 18 day program includes:


  • Module 1: 3 days, Process Communication Management Seminar - the Basics
  • Module 2: 10 days, intensive training (often in three sub modules of four, three and three days)
  • Module 3: 2 days, discover the different Process Communication trainings and train the interactions
  • Module 4: 3 days of Certification and advanced training


This intensive 18-day Train-the-Trainer seminar will:


  • certify and licence you to present this highly valued and famous international communication tool,
  • facilitate your penetration of new markets,
  • provide you with an efficient tool to improve your own teaching skills and understand the different types of personality amongst your trainees.



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