Some Basic Facts and Figures Related to PCM


Dr. Taibi Kahler has been developping the Process Communication Model since 1969. During this period of more than 40 years, the model has reached more than a million people worldwide and well over 800,000 of them have completed profiles.

The Process Communication Model has been translated into Danish,  Finnish,  Flemish, French,  German, Italian,  Japanese,  Korean, Norwegian,  Romanian, and Spanish,  and it has been taught  on six continents, with more than 4.000 trainers worldwide having been certified. PCM has business, educational and clinical applications, with seminars, profiles, and applications for parenting, mentoring, interpersonal relationships, sales, banking, medical personnel, public relations, coaching, military, politics, sports, law, team building and team coaching, personal enhancement, selection and recruitement.

Teaching and Research: 

  • The Process Model has been taught and has also been the subject of research in 37 colleges and universities.
  • 15 dissertations (Ph.D doctoral level research, granted by universities) have been conducted on the Process Communication Model in the United States with more than 20 published research papers.
  • In excess of 50 books have been written on, or make reference to PCM.  

Dr. Terry McGuire, Lead Psychiatrist for Manned Space Flight at NASA from 1959 to 1996, who was responsible for the selection and placement of astronauts as well as their health, physical and mental, used PCM for his last 18 years as the primary psychological instrument to predict distress behaviours of mission astronauts. He used the PPI (Personality Pattern Inventory ) from 1992 – 1996 in the selection of astronauts and payload specialists because of its accuracy in predicting individual distress sequences, as well as assessing compatibility.

The Process Communication Model was the chosen psycho demographic tool  in the election campaign for President Clinton and the model was personally taught to Bill and Hillary.

Taibi Kahlers Mission Statement for PCM is “To enhance the quality of lives for generations.”




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