Chairman's Message

I am Gérard Collignon, a clinician psychologist. I met Taibi Kahler in March 1988 during the first Process communication training seminar in France.

Taibi suggested that I may like to become involved in launching his model in France; I accepted his proposal enthusiastically.  I created Kahler Communication France in 1989 because I recognised both the commercial potential of this model and above all, being a therapist, how much it could help people to better enjoy their lives and to have more harmonious relationships with their personal and professional contacts. In 1992 together with my Belgian colleague Michel Chalude, we created KCE. Soon after this my associate Bruno Dussollier agreed to lead the development of the company as I felt that he was best suited for this task.

In 2010 I took the leadership of Kahler Communication Africa.

The African Process Communication website you are reading is designed to keep you informed about the model; its scientific foundations, as well as the results of ongoing research and above all will provide you with its practical applications in both personal and professional life.

Undoubtedly Process Communication is one of the most powerful communication models available. It is pragmatic and operational and centred upon the development of self-knowledge and self-awareness together with managing oneself and ones relationships with others. One participant in a seminar said: "I have found out, that my husband and I have both a Thinker base and so do our first and third daughters. And I have just discovered that our second daughter, whom we find difficult, has a Rebel base."

Our ambition today, shared by our partners working in their territory, is to be deeply involved in developing PCM in Africa, because we know that PCM enables us to improve the quality of our professional and personal relationships and we want to share this with a wider audience. Applying PCM in our lives enables us to develop our emotional and relational intelligence and this in turn has a positive impact on the quality life as underlined by Daniel Goleman and his team.

Currently KC Africa has partners in Morocco, Ivory Coast.... and Tunisia and is seeking to develop PCM in other African and European countries. KC Africa and KC Europe are both subsidiaries of KC France.

We invite interested persons to join us in this great adventure. You may contact us if you are interested in becoming a trainer, a coach, a distributor, a recruiter, or what we call a Business Development Manager (BDM) in your country.

I am available to answer your questions, remarks or suggestions and will respond to you in person.

In conclusion, I pay tribute to Taibi Kahler, the founder of this fabulous model and who over the years has become not only my professional partner but dear friend.

Gérard Collignon



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