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South Africa News:

(2013-11-26) KCAfrica News

Together with the French South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry´╗┐ Lisa Binet is organizing an event to present the Process Communication Model in one-to-one sessions. 

Book your seats for Thursday november 28th. Check the invitation.  

Experience the Process Communication Model

(2013-06-01) KCAfrica News

Benefit from a special one-day session "Experience Process Communication" organized by Lisa Binet.

On Friday 7th of June, in an exclusive and inspiring mansion located in Hyde Park, take a day out to deal with stress and conflict related to management issues and find new ways to communicate and motivate your subordinates, co-workers and clients.

Process Communication in South Africa

(2013-04-18) KCAfrica News

The first Process Communication Meeting in South Africa organized by Lisa Binet was a successful gathering of executives and HR professionals.  

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