Each of us has a personality structure made of the six Types of Personality

Individual personality structure is comprised of six, separate and mutually exclusive behaviour types, called Thinker, Harmoniser, Persister, Rebel, Imaginer, and Promoter. Likened to a six-floored condominium, personality structure is ordered, indicating the relative amount of time a person experiences and demonstrates the behaviours of a given type floor. These second-by-second behaviours – categorized by words, tones, gestures, postures and facial expressions – can be observed objectively with significantly high interjudge reliability. Additionally, test-retest reliability research indicates that once a person's condominium order is set, that order seldom changes.


People who wish to use the Process Communication Model® will first complete the Personality Pattern Inventory, a questionnaire which, once processed, will enable them to discover their personality structure. The teaching metaphor of a condominium (in the USA a name for an apartment building) helps us to visualise the composition of each unique personality structure.


The Personality Pattern Inventory, also measures the amount of energy available to the individual to experience each personality floor. Correlations for each personality type include: character strengths, management styles, channels of communication, perceptual preferences, environmental choices, and personality traits.


No one type is better or worse, more or less intelligent, or more or less OK. Each has strengths and weaknesses.


Each of us has the need to appreciate values like the Persister; has some of the spontaneity of the Rebel; has the compassion and warmth of a Harmoniser; has the ability to be logical as does a Thinker; can enjoy the experience of taking a risk as can a Promoter and has some of the calm that the Imaginer shows. In PCM we do not therefore, speak of types of people, but types in people. However we each have one or sometimes two personality types more obvious in us than others.






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