Become a Business Development Manager

Promote the Process Communication Model in Africa as:

BDM (Business Development Manager) and/or Ancillary BDM

KCAfrica acknowledges all the efforts to promote the Process Communication Model® (PCM) within Africa and invites to do so as one of the following: BDM (Business Development Manager), Ancillary BDM or CC (Country Coordinator).


Purpose of the Job as BDM (Business Development Manager) or Ancillary BDM

The primary objective is to facilitate the growth and development of PCM in all regions and countries in Africa. In countries where a County Coordinator or Country Licensee is established the BDM will cooperate with him or her in order to establish and foster training programs and generate interest in PCM programs.

If no Country Coordinator is established in your country your role as BDM can also include facilitating the installation of a country coordinator.


Benefit of the Job as BDM (Business Development Manager) or Ancillary BDM

As a BDM you will be rewarded when recruiting suitable candidates for the Train the Coach and Train the Trainer Programs. You will also be rewarded when recruiting a country coordinator in a country where none is established.
An Ancillary BDM will be rewarded for motivating someone already part of the Train the Trainer program to participate in another training of the program. The Ancillary BDM shares the reward with the BDM who recruited the candidate in the first place.




We also expect an explicit acceptance of the KCAfrica code of Professional Practice and Business Ethics as well as the will to be transparent in the management of PCM financial and territorial business.


Ideal Personality Type
Everyone appreciating the Process Communication Model® is welcome. Of great help is the ability to stay OK / OK meaning to be positively appreciative of yourself as much as of others.


Contractual Details
The BDM and Ancillary BDM shall establish a contract with KCAfrica to define the parameters of the business. Upon starting their activities in any country they should contact the established Country Licence holder or the existing Country Coordinator to agree upon activities within that territory.
BDM and Ancillary BDM report their local activities to the Licence Holder or the Country Coordinator as well as all their activities to the KCAfrica Board of Directors.


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