Become a PCM National Distributor

Promote the Process Communication Model in Africa as:

CC (Country Coordinator)
KCAfrica acknowledges all the efforts to promote the Process Communication Model® (PCM) within Africa and invites you to do so as one of the following: BDM (Business Development Manager), Ancillary BDM or CC (Country Coordinator).


Purpose of the Job as CC (Country Coordinator):
As a CC your primary objective is to facilitate the growth and development of PCM in your region. You will have the opportunity to work together with BDM’s (Business Development Managers) affiliated to KCAfrica and be active with Ancillary BDM, PCM Trainers and PCM Coaches, you goal being to co-ordinate and promote PCM sales within your region.
Your tasks will include generating interest in PCM and establishing regular Basic PCM Trainings, PCM Coach Trainings and Train the Trainer Training Programs in your region. To achieve this, it is expected that you will facilitate the continuing professional development of trainers as well as coaches and provide them with your support.
In coordination with KCAfrica you will establish your specific development goals and define sales figures to be achieved. In general it is assumed that you should achieve sales of 1 profile per 5000 in population.


Benefit of the Job as CC (Country Coordinator):
As a CC you are the one, who defines the market within your territory, you have the opportunity to define the PCM marketing strategy in your region in cooperation with KCAfrica. A consequence of this is that you have a major influence in defining the gain you can achieve from the sales made by yourself as well as the BDM and Ancillary BDM active within your territory.


Key Tasks as CC (Country Coordinator):

  1. Managing the promotion of PCM in your country.
  2. Developing local networks.
  3. Involvement in Pan African Advertising and Marketing drives.
  4. Management of the systems used to provide profiles and documentation for workshops and coaching.
  5. Cooperate with KCAfrica as needed.
  6. Organising Training events like Train the Coach, Train the Trainer Events in your country.
  7. Facilitating professional practices, ethical standards and quality control in your country.
  8. Organising events to support and encourage trainers to continually develop their skills and knowledge.


We also expect an explicit acceptance of the KCAfrica code of Professional Practice and Business Ethics as well as the will to be transparent in the management of PCM financial and territorial business.


Ideal Personality Type
Everyone appreciating the Process Communication Model® is welcome. Of great help is the ability to stay OK / OK meaning to be respectful towards both yourself and others.


Contractual Details
The CC will establish a contract with KCAfrica to define the parameters of the business.
As a CC you report to the KCAfrica Board of Directors regarding all your PCM activities.


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