Emmanuelle Château - Certifiée Process Communication

It all started with a simple question: during my annual review, my manager pointed out that he didn’t know how to motivate me. He simply asked me the question and I then realized I didn’t know how to answer. My job was perfect, I was dedicated to it and achieved great results, but I was indeed increasingly frustrated and dissatisfied for months without knowing exactly why. Things that worked with others, like giving regular and sincere feedback on the quality of my work, just didn’t seem to have any impact on me. Although I was myself an experienced marketing manager, that sounded like a revelation: I had to find an answer and I found it in Process Communication. M. Kahler’s model has opened much more to me than just understanding better the keys to my motivation and a positive alternative to my frustration and negative behaviors. Its positive ethics helps me focusing my energy on my strengths rather than on my stress, on others’ qualities rather than losing time criticizing (others and… myself!), on the message rather than on the process. My relationships have become much more simple and effective! As a professional trainer today and thanks to my trainees reactions and feedback, I experience on a daily basis the simplicity and amazing relevance of the model. And I know I still have much to discover until I master Process Communication Model depth and subtlety. It has changed my life to an extend that only the future will reveal.